Buried beneath the ground is the water works infrastructure of our cities and rural areas. That’s where you can find W4 products as well. We make the indispensable clamps, saddles, couplings, sleeves, adaptors and fittings that keep everything flowing.









Dependable irrigation is critical for the farmlands of western United States. W4 provides not just the extensive range of products but the fast customer turn-around that is essential to keep the crops and vineyards healthy.










There are an endless number of pipe requirements for manufacturing and industry. This requires a distributor like W4 to have the parts on hand when you need them. And if it’s an unusual application, we often can customize the product to fit the requirement.









Think of W4 as the plumber’s friend! We stock an extensive array of plumbing products. And if there is an emergency, our 24/7 hotline can save the day.










An oil refinery or gas installation runs 24/7. And so do we. Count on W4 products to not only have the extensive inventory to help keep you running but the ability to customize a part and if necessary provide emergency delivery.


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